Window Screens

A finely perforated galvanised steel mesh secured by an aluminium frame

A discreet, cost effective and low maintenance security barrier to protect windows against vandalism, breakage and opportunistic burglary. A finely perforated galvanised steel mesh secured by an aluminium frame, Galvanised Steel Mesh Window Screens provides a much more attractive solution than alternative means protecting vulnerable buildings and is popular with schools, universities, community centres, industrial units, offices and flats.



  • Quick payback – once fitted most customers find this product repays the investment many times over by reducing vandalism, breakage and burglary.
  • Unobtrusive appearance – from a distance the window screens resemble tinted glass but up close provides a strong visual and physical deterrent.
  • Perforations provide maximum vision and light – whilst retaining the strength of the Galvanised Steel Mesh Window Screen.
  • Cover strip protects fixings from attack – unlike similar products the aluminium cover strip is firmly fixed and does not easily become detached.
  • Polyester powder coated in a wide choice of colours – to give a long lasting finish and co-ordinate with décor.
  • Planning permission is generally not required.

Product Information

  • Construction: Galvanised Steel Mesh
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • Perforation diameter 4mm
  • Pitch 5mm
  • Visibility 60%
  • Sizes range from 100mm – 2500mm wide and 100mm – 1200mm high. For larger sizes a panel joining kit is required.

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