Terms of Business

These terms are effective from 1st December 2010 and supersede any previous terms.

Acceptance of orders

All orders must be submitted in writing, verbal orders cannot be accepted. The cut off time for ordering is 2pm, i.e. an order received at 11am on Monday will be regarded as a Monday order whereas an order received at 2.10pm would be regarded as a Tuesday order.

Lead Times

Specified lead times will start when Tristan Steel Doors has sent your order confirmation. This will be within 24 hours of order receipt if all information is submitted. Please avoid delays by using our recommended survey form and completing thoroughly.

Amendments to orders

TO PREVENT ANY ERRORS PLEASE CHECK THE ORDER CONFIRMATION THOROUGHLY. Any amendments or alterations must be made in writing within 24 hours of receipt of order confirmation from Tristan Steel Doors. If amending your order after this period you may incur a 10% admin fee or dependant on how far the order has been processed /manufactured the total cost of the order.


All cancellations after 24 hours of receipt of order confirmation will incur the full cost of the order if it has already been manufactured or part thereof.


Deliveries will be carried out on or before the due date given at the time of confirmation. Please ensure that the delivery driver is able to access the premises freely in order to off load goods. The delivery driver may also require help to offload large /heavy orders. Please do not book installations to be carried out on the day of delivery. Early or timed deliveries are available at an extra charge. A separate order for early or timed deliveries will be required.


It is Tristan Steel Doors policy that payment is taken before the order is manufactured so all payments will be made on a pro forma invoice basis. No orders will be manufactured without payment in full.


Claims for damages can only be processed if reported within 24 hours of delivery. Please check the contents of your order on the day they are received even if this means opening packaging prior to transit to another site. All damage claims must be submitted in writing stating the details of the claim.


Any discrepancies in invoicing/payments taken must be notified to Tristan Steel Doors within 5 working days of the date of invoice. Otherwise all invoices will be deemed correct.

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